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A Message from the president
Run towards your dream.
Never stop the race!

Today’s modern society is globalized, information-oriented, specialized, diversified, and most importantly, high-speed. As industrial technology and transit facilities have developed along with the establishment of a worldwide network, overall society has become increasingly high-speed.

Ajou Motor College is fast and alive.
The opening of the Seohaean Expressway has made access to Ajou Motor College more convenient, less than two hours from the metropolitan area. Our students, Ajou people, have shown their enthusiasm for a better tomorrow. The expressway of dreams for young passion and challenge stands open in front of the school; this wide-open road will become a base for opportunities for each student with the will and hope for a better future. Ajou Motor College will try harder to spread the autonomy and diversity of the college as well as the value of communication and trust on campus.

Each one of you is the owner of Ajou Motor College.
It is not enough to run on the path that others have passed. As water has to leave the river to reach the ocean, we have to open a new path and lead other people. Run as fast as you can and grow as big as possible. From the moment you choose our school, the race towards your dream begins. As Korea's only college specialized in automobiles, Ajou Motor College will discover talented people who will lead the Korean automobile industry. Furthermore, it will become a solid base for students to advance into the global stage. I hope more and more young people enjoy the pleasure of creation and challenge in the future.

President, Soohun Lee, Ajou Motor College