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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
The social demand for nature-friendly Hybrid & Electric Vehicles has increased worldwide due to a shortage of fossil fuels and global warming caused in part by car exhaust fumes. Accordingly, the department educates students in the design and making of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles based on theories acquired during the courses. It fosters human resources that have the competiveness linked with their future careers through improving their working-level abilities, a work-centered curriculum, and academic-industrial programs.

  • Analysis of Drawings, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Machine
  • Engine Electronic Control, Automobile Chassis, Power-Train Practice, Automotive Sensor
  • Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Digital Circuit and Practice, Electric Circuit, Electric Power and Electronics
  • Introduction to HEV, HEV Parts Design, Analysis of HEV Performance, HEV Inspection Practice
Department Characteristics
  • Fostering human resources that are able to actively respond to the globalization of the parts markets of hybrid and electric cars as well as the possibilities of changes to industrial structures
  • Customized curriculum that quickly responds to the international standardized technology led by advanced countries and gathers industry opinions
  • Development of core parts and academic-industrial exchanges with related companies through consortiums in order to foster specialized technicians in hybrid and electric cars
  • Enables students to acquire techniques related to hybrid cars through manufacturing models with creative engineering designs and capstone designs