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Automotive Design & Development
Students focus on acquiring techniques related to 3D CAD such as CATIA, CAM, and CAT used in the design, development, and testing of new products in the automotive industry and auto-parts related industry. The department fosters experts in design and development so that they can find a job in the applicable field. It offers such programs as intensive education in 3D modeling and analysis, work-centered education in automobile development, intensive education in major studies related to future careers, and a customized curriculum for CATIA jobs.

  • Introduction to Automobile: Automotive Design & Development, Automobile Development
  • Automobile Design: Material Mechanics, Automotive Parts Design, Element Design, Mold Design
  • Three-Dimensional Design and Analysis: CATIA, Reverse Engineering, CAE
  • Practice of Manufacturing and Developing Parts: Creative Engineering Design, graduation work, and onsite practices
Department Characteristics
  • Intensive education on 3D modeling and analysis (Auto CAD, CATIA, Pro / Engineer, UGs, ANSYS, Reverse Engineering)
  • Field-Based education on development of the automobile (major studies, creative engineering design, graduation work, etc)
  • Intensive educational programs of major studies related to future careers (3D modeling, apparatus design, testing technology, etc)
  • Customized curriculum for CATIA jobs (education on major studies, scholarship programs, linked to employment)