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Automobile Digital Tuning
Idea changes the world and governs the world!
The department focuses on transformation techniques of car frames, electronic circuit technology, audio tuning techniques, and interior and exterior dress-up techniques as well as car inspection technology that enable remodeling of mass-produced cars for special purposes such as installation of turbines or refitting as ambulances, VIP cars, and camping cars along with the basics and applications of automobile tuning. In addition, the department guides students from admission to graduation through a one-on-one mentoring program. In order to help them to find a job, all supervising professors guide student communities linked with industries.
After graduating from the department, students will become experts in automotive tuning, which is the main entity of the advanced automotive culture, by grafting their creative ideas onto automotive, mechanical, electric control, and industrial design techniques.

  • Basics of Automobiles: Analysis of Drawings, Engine, Chassis, Electricity, and Electronics
  • Automobile Tuning: Audio, Dress up (Interior/Exterior), ECU (Turbo Tuning), Electric Apparatus (LED)
  • Automobile Advanced Technology: Design of Tuning Parts, Electronic Control, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Embedded Program (Intelligent Vehicles)
Department Characteristics
  • Responsibility system that assures the daily-life guidance of students and employment as well as the student-appointed mentoring system that lasts until they graduate
  • Tuning clubs (ECU, audio, electronic devices, and dress-up) foster experts in artistic tuning that realize their unique ideas such as production techniques of a smart car