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Motorsports(Sports Car Building & Driving)
Students manufacture racecars through learning theories and practices related to engineering principles, tuning, and maintenance of racecars including touring cars and carts, also called speed machines. The department fosters automotive technology experts such as racers and mechanics that challenge the limits of speed by experiencing driving techniques within the school. It trains students to become experts with the best educational environment that includes the faculty of Korea’s best drivers, mechanics, and practical experts, the first college driving practice area in Korea, and a manufacturing course of car bodies.

  • Introduction to Motor Sports, Basic Driving, Advanced Driving, Analysis on Driving Information
  • Gasoline Engine, Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Automotive Chassis, 2D-CAD, Basic Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Conjugate Device, Analysis of Automotive Electronic Device Circuits, Racecar Structures
  • Racecar Mechanics, Racecar Frame Manufacturing, Automobile Sensor, Self-Made Vehicle Design
Department Characteristics
  • Produces various types of experts including racecar drivers, mechanics that make or control racing cars, sports car tuning technicians, and officials of car racing competitions
  • Enables students to become racecar drivers by educating them in driving techniques for carts or formula cars at the school’s driving practice area
  • Systemically educates students on the principles and tuning of formula machines as well as touring
  • Has Korea’s first college student racing team
  • Helps students find jobs in the fields of car racing, professional maintenance (sports car or imported vehicle companies), and automobile related tests