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Automotive Tune-up Control Engineering
The department has reinforced the curriculum for engine EUC tuning to foster experts in the field of the improvement of engine capacities and the education related to automotive control, which is a core technology. It also runs a customized curriculum for equipment diagnosis using vibration technology to help students find a job in the high value-added industry. Vehicle system technology has rapidly advanced. It can be applied not only to automobiles but also robots. The faculty members who have worked in the industry and for research institutes try their best to train the world's best professionals.

  • Education on engine tuning for improving vehicle performance
  • Engineering education for students to find a high value-added job
  • Professional education courses in the four key technical duties
Department Characteristics
  • Field-Based curriculum, Korea’s first regular courses, to foster technicians specialized in the field of car performance tuning.
  • Fostering the world’s best experts in the field of automobile tuning through education on techniques for engine and automotive tuning based on automotive engineering, club activities, and advanced education related to students’ major studies
  • Curriculum for machine condition diagnosis technique and techniques related to automation and control to improve the quality of students’ future careers